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“Kalo Media is the Top Performing E-commerce Growth Solution in Ireland for Sustainable Brands Looking to Scale to 8-Figures”

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We Master Paid Ads

Here’s our Process

Creating Your Customer Avatar - Understand your customer better than the competition
Unearthing Your Winning Material -  Ad copy, creatives and targeting strategies
Scaling Your Ads to New Heights -  3x your investment
Building Out Your Omnichannel Sales Funnel  - CRO, high converting landing pages and more!
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My Sustainable Obsession

In pursuit of sustainable living, I made a lot of positive changes in my day-to-day life, but I knew I could be doing more..

I thought, rather than helping all e-commerce brands, surely there was a way to redirect that same eco-passion to my business life & work alongside businesses to make a real difference?

I now take pride in helping solely sustainable brands scale to 7 & 8 figures, knowing that together we can influence people to make better consumption choices daily.

Our Work Philosophy

We ensure quality, transparency and efficiency in all our work. As such, our work revolves around the following 3 pillars:

High Quality Reporting
100% Customer Satisfaction
Guaranteed Results

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